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Tale of a Recovering Food Addict

January 2015, I was overwhelmed with a job that was filled with drama, burdened with being a caretaker & I was depressed. I made an appointment with Patty, who was recommended by my massage therapist. My consultation with Patty was a Charlie Brown moment. I was blown away with the initial information she shared with me. I saw her mouth moving, heard noise but all I remembered was thinking, “what the hell am I doing here?” I have been a vegetarian for over fifteen years. I should have eaten more veggies instead of carbs, I was an emotional eater, I was overweight by forty pounds, I suffered from pain throughout my body and exercised infrequently. My first official meeting with Patty, I was on overload with information but I gradually learned to sort things out.  I relabeled her as my life coach. I began to realize that I needed to reorganize my life. I needed to re discover my childhood joys, establish boundaries, eliminate the drama and just breathe. At the present, I have lost weight, my pain has diminished, I have improved my nutritional decisions and I have learned to breathe and enjoy the journey. Patty has guided me through this endeavor with patience, compassion and friendship. She has helped me to recognize food for its nutritional value and I am trying hard to discard its emotional impact. I’m a recovering food addict. I have my set-backs but now I can brush myself off and keep moving forward. And Patty is always a message away. My efforts and investment in myself are truly worth the struggle.