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Couple's Cleanse

My husband and I did the 21 day cleanse together. It was really nice to have each other’s support and now we are focused on a healthier diet. We followed the meal plans and 2 months later I am still using the recipes. My husband loves that we can still eat meat!
I like how my body reacted to the change in my diet. I feel great in the mornings and don’t need coffee to get me going (most of the time!) I am not experiencing that after-lunch crash and the need for a caffeine boost.  At first I was concerned about the 21 days; and there were days that it was hard. You’ve got to be prepared. But, I realize how 21 days is necessary to break out of the bad habits. It took a good 14 days to not feel the salty cravings at 4 o’clock!  I also saw a change in my body and that continues to motivate me to make good choices.
My husband and I are both so glad that we did this cleanse and feel that our overall health is better. We are not perfect and certainly enjoy nachos on occasion. But now I keep moderation in mind and all the hard work I’ve done thus far. Thanks for your support, Patty!