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About Patty

Patty Repko, CHHC, AADP

In today’s world, eating healthy can be a challenge. When you need a partner in nutrition, look to Patty Repko. Certified Chef, Holistic Health Coach and Lifestyle Educator, Patty understand how food impacts the body and how to get to the bottom of what ails you. Her unique methods are centered on learning to incorporate practical and sustainable lifestyle changes along with how to cook to maximize the nutritional value and flavor of food. But what started her on this journey?

In 2012 Patty was running a bakery with her daughter Priscilla and her husband Riley…and then she got sick. Very sick. After 30 years in the culinary industry she realized that she needed to make some serious lifestyle changes and began down her own path towards true healing.

Over the years she has continuously studied and expanded her knowledge of healing through food, exercise, meditation, self-care and positive lifestyle change, adopting these methods into her own life as she shares them with her clients. With her extensive culinary background she has been able to offer a unique and delicious perspective on the concept of “let the food be thy medicine”. She understands that no one diet works for each body and has spent countless hours testing recipes and learning how and why different foods can impact people in different ways. She assists her clients, who are struggling with chronic challenges, in creating a “roadmap to health”, providing them with the tools to make real and lasting change based on their individual needs. Through these methods Patty helps her clients to reclaim their bodies and feel healthy again so that they have the strength and energy to face each day with confidence. She believes in putting the power of health back into your own hands.


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Priscilla Hannigan, CHHC

Self-proclaimed foodie and devourer of all things tasty, Priscilla Hannigan is your go-to guru for clean eating. In 2012 when her mother, Patty, got sick, they were forced to close the doors on their bakery. This inspired Priscilla to take her love for food and her other passion, helping people, one step further. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a single goal in mind; to teach people how to heal themselves through food. If what you put in your mouth is both nutritious AND delicious, then you’ve already begun to WiN. Through hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Let’s eat!