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Couple's Cleanse

My husband and I did the 21 day cleanse together. It was really nice to have each other’s support and now we are focused on a healthier diet. We followed the meal plans and 2 months later I am still using the recipes. My husband loves that we can still eat meat!
I like how my body reacted to the change in my diet. I feel great in the mornings and don’t need coffee to get me going (most of the time!) I am not experiencing that after-lunch crash and the need for a caffeine boost.  At first I was concerned about the 21 days; and there were days that it was hard. You’ve got to be prepared. But, I realize how 21 days is necessary to break out of the bad habits. It took a good 14 days to not feel the salty cravings at 4 o’clock!  I also saw a change in my body and that continues to motivate me to make good choices.
My husband and I are both so glad that we did this cleanse and feel that our overall health is better. We are not perfect and certainly enjoy nachos on occasion. But now I keep moderation in mind and all the hard work I’ve done thus far. Thanks for your support, Patty!


On the Road to Recovery

I started working with Patty in November 2014 and she has made a world of difference in my life over the last two years! I was referred by my massage therapist as I was dealing with a multitude of health issues and she thought Patty could help. I had recently been in a near fatal car accident with multiple injuries. I had endured many broken bones, six surgeries and a brain injury. My body had been through quite the ordeal and I was still in significant pain. I was dealing with many brain injury related issues such as fatigue, brain fog, headaches and memory issues in addition to the physical pain. I had learned through my cognitive therapist that nutrition was key to brain injury recovery so I was very interested to start working with Patty. In addition to my car accident injuries, I’d also been dealing with an immune deficiency for many years which had resulted in many illnesses and too many courses of antibiotics to count! Needless to say, I was a good candidate for Patty.

Right from the start, Patty was easy to talk to and truly cared about what I was going through and wanted to help. I expressed my desire to deal with my pain naturally and heal my body from the various impacts of my injuries and illnesses and she was very supportive. Patty gave me countless ideas on how to improve my nutrition, increase my protein intake for brain injury recovery and lessen the inflammation in my body which was a result of the many physical injuries and illnesses. The recommendations that she made helped to reduce my pain, improved my energy level and made each day that much easier to get through. Over the course of two years, my memory improved and brain fog lifted, my migraines became less frequent and my health improved exponentially.  The everyday pain became more bearable and I started to get my quality of life back. The recovery process can be quite intense and Patty was always willing to lend an ear and provide emotional support in addition to the nutritional focus. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have recovered as well as I did from the car accident without Patty’s consistent support. In addition, I now have a better handle on my immune issues and know how to counteract the effects of any illnesses that I encounter.

Reston, VA

Tale of a Recovering Food Addict

January 2015, I was overwhelmed with a job that was filled with drama, burdened with being a caretaker & I was depressed. I made an appointment with Patty, who was recommended by my massage therapist. My consultation with Patty was a Charlie Brown moment. I was blown away with the initial information she shared with me. I saw her mouth moving, heard noise but all I remembered was thinking, “what the hell am I doing here?” I have been a vegetarian for over fifteen years. I should have eaten more veggies instead of carbs, I was an emotional eater, I was overweight by forty pounds, I suffered from pain throughout my body and exercised infrequently. My first official meeting with Patty, I was on overload with information but I gradually learned to sort things out.  I relabeled her as my life coach. I began to realize that I needed to reorganize my life. I needed to re discover my childhood joys, establish boundaries, eliminate the drama and just breathe. At the present, I have lost weight, my pain has diminished, I have improved my nutritional decisions and I have learned to breathe and enjoy the journey. Patty has guided me through this endeavor with patience, compassion and friendship. She has helped me to recognize food for its nutritional value and I am trying hard to discard its emotional impact. I’m a recovering food addict. I have my set-backs but now I can brush myself off and keep moving forward. And Patty is always a message away. My efforts and investment in myself are truly worth the struggle.


Relief from Auto-Immune Issues

I have been working with Patty for almost a year to address my auto-immune issues that include lymphocytic colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. The results that I've experienced by following Patty's recommendations for an anti-inflammatory diet and healthier lifestyle have been amazing. I've been able to completely stop taking the medicine for my colitis and almost never experience uncomfortable symptoms. I've also learned that by following Patty's diet and lifestyle recommendations I can greatly control my RA related symptoms. This is a huge deal for me!  Patty has a great personality and is a pleasure to work with. I really look forward to seeing her each month.

Reston, VA

Cleanse Helps with Weight Loss

The cleanse Patty reccomended was great, it helped me loose 3-4 lbs and I felt much better afterwards. I discovered that dairy upsets my stomach a little more than I had thought, which is very beneficial information for managing my diet going forward.

Starting measurements:           Ending Measurements:
Hips: 40                                       Hips: 37
Waist: 30                                     Waist: 28
Arms: 12.5                                   Arms: 11
Thigh: 23                                     Thigh: 21