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Wisdom in Nutrition

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Tools to Create a Healthy, Lasting Lifestyle

Patty is firm on the strength of her approach and yet flexible to tailor it to the individual. She uses the food diary as a discipline for the individual to manage themselves. Once she knew that I exercised every day and was going to drink my water, all I had to do was provide her with my three meals prior to our meetings. That was easy information to keep on my cell phone. The main reason we started working together was for working memory loss possibly due to the use of statins. After our first meeting we established that my goals were to maximize nutrition for brain health and to lower cholesterol as well as lose some weight, learn to cook healthier and lower any inflammation. In the six months that we worked together the results have been fantastic: no more memory problems, weight loss, clothes that haven't fit in quite some time now fit. I have also weaned myself off afternoon caffeine, increased water intake and have incorporated healthy eating and cooking into a regular routine. I have noticed improvements in skin tone and texture, joint pains and cognitive function as well as improved cholesterol levels and no longer need to take the statins. Overall she has given me the tools necessary to create a healthy, lasting lifestyle.


6 Month Intensive Program Changed My Life

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After suffering from auto immune issues, inability to loose weight and lack of energy I decided to take the plunge and signed up to work with Patty. Her 6 Month Intensive program was a life-changer. I've lost weight, I no longer feel sluggish and tired and I've learned the foundations for living a healthy lifestyle permanently. I now sleep better and have the energy to tackle everyday with a new, more positive outlook.

Northern VA